All of us are here to serve the ministries of the church.  Here are some examples of whom you should call for assistance.  We hope this list helps.

Altar Guild: Delia Prather

Adult Sunday School Classes:  Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Adult Bible Studies:  Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Building Maintenance:  Jerry Carpenter

Calendar of Events:  Sara Williams

Childcare/Nursery Scheduling:  Tammy Felder

Children’s Classes and Activities:  Tammy Felder

Choir information (Chancel, Ensemble, Youth, Children):  Kyle Linson

Church Wide Events Publicity:  Lesley Andrews

Communion Servers:  Sara Williams

Daycare (CDC):  Sandra Farr

First Word Worship Team:  Kyle Linson

Giving and Contribution Statements:  Sonja Taylor Larkowski                   

Memorials and Honorariums: Sonja Taylor Larkowski                                                     

Joining the Church:  Rev. David Freeman, Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Lay Readers:  Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull (11:00 a.m.); Claire Martin (9:00 a.m.)

Leaving the church in your will: Sonja Taylor Larkowski

Make a reservation for activity or meal: Sara Williams

Missions, Local and Global: Rev. Haley Jones

Community Engagement: Rev. Haley Jones

Pastoral Counseling: Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull                    

Place notice in newsletter, bulletin, or on the web: Lesley Andrews

Questions from new members:  Rev. David Freeman, Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Report a change of address/phone number/family info: Sara Williams

Report hospitalization:  Sara Williams

Report birth or death:  Sara Williams

Request for the newsletter be to be sent to you:  Lesley Andrews

Reserve altar flowers:  Sara Williams

Reserve a meeting room:  Sara Williams

Schedule an appointment with a pastor:  Rev. David Freeman, Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Schedule a baptism:  Rev. David Freeman, Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Schedule a wedding:  Sara Williams

Small group opportunities:  Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Stephen Ministers:  Rev. Donna Hankins-Hull

Sunday van service:  Sara Williams

United Methodist Women:  Rev. Carol Sherer

Usher/Greeter information: Lesley Andrews

Youth activities and youth Sunday School:  Brandon Bates