Nursery – Birth to 36 months

Infants through toddlers are welcomed into a loving environment where they are treated as a special gift of God. While exploring through play, simple Bible stories, toys, and music, your child will learn to trust God by having their needs met by our caregivers. Our staff is trained in developmentally appropriate practices and we have CPR/ First Aid trained staff onsite. We are proud of our low staff to child ratio that allows us to provide individual care and early Bible teaching for each child. Nurseries are open Sundays from 8:15 am to 12:15 pm and upon reservation for weeknight church events.  To reserve a spot for your child, please call the church office 24 hours in advance during regular business hours.
Babies (0-18 Months)- Room 245
Toddlers (18-36 Months)- Room 248


Parent Philosophy

Parents are welcome to visit our nursery anytime! Please get to know your child’s caregiver and feel free to stay for a while and play, if your child is having separation anxiety. For mothers who are nursing, we offer you a private and comfortable nursing room just inside the infant nursery in room 245. Our prayer is that staff and parents working together ensure quality individual care and enhance the communication between young families and the church.


Preschool Care 3-4 Years

Three and four year olds are welcomed into a hands-on environment where they are considered a special gift from God and are encouraged to explore and discover God’s love through play, simple Bible stories, and music, your child will learn to trust God by having their needs lovingly met by our caregivers.
Our staff is trained in child development practices and there are CPR trained staff always onsite.  We are proud of our low staff to child ratio that allows us to provide the best individual care and teaching for your child.  We provide weeknight care for church events so you may participate in choir, Bible study, etc.  To schedule care, please contact the church office 24 hours in advance during regular business hours.
Preschool rooms are located on the first floor for ages three – four and are open Sundays from 8:15 am to 12:15 pm.
Check into Room 131

Sunday School

Sunday school classes are taught in our toddler and preschool classes during the 9:45 am hour.  Children learn about major stories of the Bible in a center-based active learning classroom.  All lessons are prepared with the whole child in mind offering prayer, music, Bible stories, and hands-on activities that allow children to see, touch, taste, smell and hear God’s world through the eyes of a child.  Encouraging their exploration of God’s word is such a joy for our staff and volunteers!

Preschool Bibles

Annually, our preschoolers are presented with a new story Bible during worship.
We pray this Bible will help them understand their Bible is an important part of living a life with Jesus.


Elementary (Kindergarten – 3rd Grade)

Kindergarten – First Grade

Sunday Morning Academy for Kindergarten – 1st Grade uses the Godly® Play teaching model. This Montessori based learning is the result of a lifetime of research and practice and is a curriculum of creative and imaginative spiritual practice exploring the mystery of God’s presence in our lives. It engages children in hands-on storytelling and cognitive art responses in how to engage with God and teaches them to listen for God and to make authentic and creative responses to God’s call in their lives.


Second – Third Grade

Sunday Morning Academy for 2nd – 3rd Grade uses a teaching model focused on how to apply Bible stories to a child’s daily life.  We recognize that children not only love repetition, but need it to develop lasting memory and understanding of Bible content, so we offer each story and Bible concept in a variety of ways during each teaching cycle.  Our multi-intelligence approach takes advantage of our children’s thirst for experiential learning and is hands-on, servant-based, relational and relevant to childhood.  This teaching approach instills life habits that follow the examples taught by Jesus Christ.

Our classrooms offer child-friendly activities that include:  Large group and small group experiences in music, cooking, science, Bible games, art, and theater.  In these environments, teachers have opportunities to foster the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development in each individual child.

Third Grade Bibles

A long standing tradition of First United Methodist Church is to present third graders with a Bible for we believe all their life questions can be found inside God’s Holy Book.  A special Sunday is designated for this event each year and children are then encouraged to bring their Bibles to church weekly.


Tweens (4th-6th Grades)

Sunday morning classes are just for preteens!  Packed with relevant discussions, movie clips, and active Bible study opportunities, our Tweens are offered lessons that answer real-life questions, dig into the Bible, tackle issues they care about, and connect God to their daily world. Tweens love serving others and have a significant opportunity to create their own mission projects and execute them both on and off the church campus. They are also at an age where they may begin to struggle with making faith their own and begin to pull away from the church, so we encourage family involvement and activities that ensure our preteens solidly understand how God’s message applies to them as they leave childhood and enter middle school. Created by God, a human sexuality study, is offered during this grade span, as well as connectional events with other tweens from Central Arkansas.
Gather in Tween Lounge - Room 123 at 9:45 am


Children’s Choirs

One of the best ways for our children to learn to participate in worship is through music. We are blessed to have a dynamic music program for children. Check out our Music Ministry pages for more information for grades K-6th.



Each year, 4th-6th grade classes are invited to attend acolyte training. Acolytes assist in worship during the 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. worship service and on religious holidays.  Learning how to serve the church is an honor and an important step in each child’s faith development.