Position Description: Director of Community Engagement

God's vision for FUMC is "Being good neighbors to make Little Rock where children THRIVE." The Director of Community Engagement will design, implement, and evaluate ministries that engage the people of First Church with the broader community in carrying out this vision.  These ministries will be created in light of FUMC's core values:  

Trust - Empowering people to experience trust through honesty, vulnerability, and compassion.

Health - A sense of wholeness through spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Relationships - Relationship building in any form is essential to understanding and relating to God who exists as a relationship.

Imagination - Understanding and relating to God through empowerment of the imagination and creativity.

Value - We are all children of God.

Education - Essential for being good neighbors and Kingdom building as we empower people to seek wisdom.


When preparing a resume for the Director position, please provide the following information:


  1. Please give an example with details of when you have demonstrated high initiative in a previous position or life situation.
  2. Please give an example of where you have demonstrated leadership in leading a team. 
  3. Please cite an example of where you achieved successful execution on a project or task. 
  4. What resources do you think you need to achieve success at FUMC?
  5. Please explain specific experiences or training that make you an attractive candidate for this position.


1.         Ability to recruit, train, and mobilize volunteers to carry out community engagement ministries.

2.         Ability to work in concert with the Director of Neighboring, the Director of Youth Ministries, and the Director of Children's Ministries to provide ministry opportunities for the entire congregation.

3.         Ability to lead the SERVE the World and SPEAK Truth committees to carry out the community engagement ministries of the church.

4.         Ability to design, implement, and evaluate a lay-led ministry to provide support to guests in need of assistance (e.g. providing bus passes and tickets).

5.         Nurture and develop one’s own spiritual journey and faith in Jesus Christ.

6.         Dedication to the church's mission, appreciating its rather unique history, neighborhood, and culture.

7.         Strong work ethic with a willingness to work weekends and nights, when necessary.

8.         Display exceptional organizational skills, clear communication, and people skills.

9.         Budgeting for activities, resources, and expenses.          

10.       Participative in church staff meetings, gatherings and coordinated events

11.       Effective verbal and written communication skills.

12.       Meet regularly with volunteers for planning, training and relationship/team building.


College degree and/or five (5) years experience in a leadership position.

Experience in community organization and/or mission work.

Must submit to a criminal background check.