Adult Sunday Classes

The Catalyst Journey Group – Room 137

Need a Sunday morning group with vision? The Catalyst Journey group meets from 10-10:45 between the contemporary service and the 11:00 service. We are a "think outside the box group" and require no reading and no preparation, unlike a regular Sunday School class. Come enjoy your coffee while enaging in lively, heart-felt discussion about living in an ever changing world while practicing our faith, living the Word, and reaching out to our local community through service work. 
Ages: Young adults, 20?-40ish, single, married, with/without children.
First floor, Room 137, in the family lounge across from the coffee cafe.

 Agape Credo – Room 212

This class of both married couples and   singles offers short-term Bible studies on various scripture verses and topics. It is a friendly and caring group.  Guests are welcome!.
Ages: 50+

Bowen Cabe – Room 203

Bowen-Cabe is for adults with many interests, especially those who prefer variety over structure and enjoy lively discussions. Rather than the traditional Bible study with a set teacher, Bowen-Cabe prefers a lecture-and-discussion format with guest speakers chosen by a program committee. Topics range widely from religious issues to civic concerns and speakers are drawn from university faculties, clergy, other professionals or fellow church or class members. While members generally are older, the class welcomes all ages.
Age Group: 50+

Friendship Faulkner – Room 204

This group of adults concentrate on the Adult Bible Series (International Lesson Series) led by class members and guests in a lecture-discussion format. Begin your Sunday morning with our coffee or tea, and enjoy good singing, warm fellowship and a caring concern for others.  This class of senior adults is a highly motivated group that enjoys in-depth Bible study based on the International Bible Studies series. Sundays begin with a fellowship time complete with coffee and conversation. Quarterly class meetings are held to enjoy a meal together as well as take care of business.  This class participates in outreach as well as mission ministries within the church. Join us.
Age Group: 65+



Koinonia – Room 209

Class members and guest speakers take turns presenting varied bible studies and current topics using a discussion format. The class is noted for its mutual support, monthly informal socials, openness to new members, and its inclusiveness.
Age Group: 40+



The Choate Class – Room 210

The Choate Class is a group of  seekers who focus on a “non-traditional’ approach to broadening the interpretations of Christianity and Spirituality. We offer lessons on both relevant topics of today’s societal issues, as well as historical events that have shaped our way of thinking.  The class participants share a mutual responsibility for leading an array of interesting, thought provoking lessons in which class discussion is always encouraged. Through this mutual sharing of theological and spiritual ideas and experiences, the Choate class provides a thriving environment for self reflection and individual  growth.  This class has appeal to independent minded individuals of all ages..
Age group: 30+



Unity – Room 301

This group of singles and married adults focuses on ways to apply Biblical principles to daily life, with discussions led by both class volunteers and invited teachers.  New members are always welcome!
Age Group: 20-60+


Small Groups

Mens Group

7:00 AM, Tuesday Morning
Every Tuesday, this group of both men from FUMC and other churches and denominations are led by a member of the group who begins with a prayer. The focus is on reading and discussing substantive and significant books dealing with religious life including the Bible, theology, ethics and church history. Many of the books are used in seminary courses.
Contact: Call the church office at 372-2256
Location: Friendship-Faulkner Classroom, Rm 204


Pastor’s Bible Study

Noon, Thursdays
This group studies a variety of topics guided by books and topics chosen by Senior Pastor Chris Cooper, a dedicated reader.
Contact: Call the church office at 372-2256
Location: Friendship-Faulkner Classroom, Rm 204

Meditation Group

4th Monday of Every Month, 6 pm
The soul is what connects us to God.  Modern life for most of us tends to break this connection. We are left exhausted – not only at the end of a trip – but at the end of most days – not realizing that our souls are behind the rest of us –trying to catch up.  If you find yourself in need of slowing down long enough for your soul to catch up, please join us!
Contact: Rev. Mary Jane Cole,
Location: John Wesley Prayer Room, 3rd Floor


Faith & Film

4th Sunday of Every Month, 5:30 pm
Spirituality is seeing the sacred connections all around us.  It is noticing the Holy in all things and developing awareness that the line between the sacred and the secular is wider than we imagine.   One of these ways is through movies.  Movies point to our deepest longings and struggles and invite us to consider the role of the arts in our spiritual lives.  Faith and Film’s intent is to have discussion of our formal and personal faith journeys as we do, or do not, encounter them in contemporary movies.  We will have a monthly movie and popcorn night that features a different film each month.  Each movie will be followed by discussion so participants can unpack the movie’s insight together.  We will view different types of films and the way in which the Christian message can be seen in them.
Contact: Rev. Mary Jane Cole,
Location: Movie Room, Rm 136